APR21 2018

Opening Reception: Warwick Drawing Group Figurative Art Exhibit

Artwork created from the Monday evening Figure Drawing at Milkweed & Tuesday morning at Seligmann Center.
Live Music performance by the very talented Chris Brune at 7pm.
There will be food & drinks available. Join us for music and amazing people!

Exhibiting artists: Rachel Bertoni, Robert Breur, Laura Birdsong, Rosalyn Fassett, Janet Howard-Fatta, William Graziano, Joanne Kelly, Minjin Kung, Cathe Linton, Paul Mancino, Jeannine Masiello, Antonio Mastria, Susan Moller, Roger Moss, Diane Kominick Ouzoonian, Molly Reid, Karen Rossen, Sal Russo, Mary Mugele Sealfon
Gallery will be open by appt. and for 3 weekends 12-5pm Saturdays & 1:30-5PM on Sundays, April 28-29, May 5-6, and May12-13.
Milkweed is located at 2 & 3 Romer's Alley, (1371 Kings Highway for GPS) Sugar Loaf, NY 10981. Questions? 845-545-2419

Gallery & Artist Talk (Samuel Dorky Museam of Art)

Gallery Talk with Minjin Kung


Saturday, June 17, 2 pm

Gallery Talk with Fern T. Apfel, Susan English, Minjin Kung, Barbara Masterson, Suzy Sureck, and Polly M. Law in conversation with Livia Straus, guest curator of Undercurrents: The River as Metaphor – Hudson Valley Artists 2017

In 2001, my family made the move up the river from New York City to the Hudson Valley. This move was akin to a marriage of commitment, following a lifetime affair. A honeymoon in the crisp November fall of the Bear Mountains; a spring hike in the Catskills; a quenching excursion to waterparks in the high summer heat, which then transformed into gentle ski slopes come winter. So when we finally made the move, it felt like coming home.

Ironically, the move began my decade long hiatus from painting; what need was there, after all, when I was living the artwork of nature? But when my youngest child left for college in 2013 and the house creaked empty once more, I found myself returning to my old paint box.

I started with my 400 year old oak tree behind the house, which has come to represent so much to me. This tree, stretching its long arms over our house and across neighbors’ yards, this tree had seen it all. It welcomed New York’s first Dutch settlers centuries ago, as it so similarly welcomed me decades ago. And it has also watched generations pass away, in the same way I too will flicker by in my momentary life. And yet, this tree, these mountains and valleys and rivers—they are the true inhabitants of this land. I am merely a passing guest. This artwork is my tribute to that eternal beauty and nature of the Hudson Valley.

Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art


The River as Metaphor / Hudson Valley Artists 2017

Curated by Livia Straus

June 10 – July 30, 2017
Alice and Horace Chandler and North Galleries

Undercurrents: The River as Metaphor / Hudson Valley Artists 2017 will exhibit works that address modernity by reflecting on the Hudson River: its history, its grandeur, and its singular ability to provide us with a roadmap for meeting the challenges we face in the course of everyday life. The exhibition poses questions intended to document this work in our own time: What are the perspectives of contemporary artists living along the Hudson River, and how are they reflected in their art? Can we look to the history of the Hudson Valley to anchor our moral fiber? How can the river and the artists it inspires guide us through the ongoing process of adjusting to new norms and realities?

The exhibition was curated by Livia Straus, director and co-founder of the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art (HVCCA) in Peekskill, N.Y., a non-profit organization dedicated to developing exhibitions and interdisciplinary programs that enrich our understanding of contemporary art and its relationship to social issues. 


Participating Artists:

Fern T. Apfel, Andrew Barthelmes, Arlene Becker, Don Bruschi, Peter Bynum, Laura Cannamela, Tobe Carey, Larry W. Chapman, Dick Crenson, Carlo D’Anselmi, Shelley Davis, William Durkin, Richard Edelman, Susan English, Kari Feuer, Jenny Lee Fowler, Matthew Friday, Steve Gentile, Mark Gibian, Carla Goldberg, Theresa Gooby, Sarah Heitmeyer, Keith Hoyt, Ellen Kozak, Minjin Kung, Polly M. Law, Harry Leigh, Iain Machell, Annie-hannah Mancini, Barbara Masterson, Mike McGregor, Antonella Piemontese, Camilo Rojas, Margaret Saliske, Suzy Sureck, James A. Thomson, Susan Togut, Michael Washburn, Dan Wolf, Brian Wolfe, and Xuewu Zheng.

CDG and Regal Bag Studio Exhibition "The Nude"

Art Opening - “The Nude” - reception 25 February 5-9 pm -  Regal Bag, Newburgh, NY


Chris Davison Gallery (CDG) and Regal Bag Studios 4th floor, are pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition “THE NUDE.”  This exhibition will have over 50 contemporary artists from the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas.  Just a few artists of mention are Emil Alzamora, Mariella Bisson, William Noonan, Ward Lamb, Shari Diamond, Gail Robinson, Jose Gonzalez-Soto, Julie Lindell, Jennifer Schwartz, Heidi Bilezkian, Minjin Mindy Kung, and many more…
The exhibition will run from 25 February to 11 March 2017. (Saturdays only)
The reception will be 25 February from 5-9pm and the gallery will be open Saturday 
25 February from 1-9pm and the following two Saturday’s from 1-6 pm.  
Chris Davison Gallery is located in the Regal Bag building on the 4th floor, use 195 Front Street, Newburgh, NY 12550 for gps directions (on the water past Blu-Pointe, through gate).  As you continue towards the building the Hudson river will be on your direct right and go past the first set of loading docks that face you until you see a flag pole and a white house directly on the water.  The stair entrance is across from the flag pole and the gallery is on the 4th floor.  The entrance will say “visitors entrance.”
In conjunction with “The Nude” exhibition we are pleased to announce that CDG and Regal Bag Studios will be starting a LIFE drawing series.  The sessions will be subject to a minimum attendance that will be determined by artist, William Noonan.  For more information please contact William Noonan at williambn@yahoo.com.

Art & Design Alumni Association, Spotlight on Minjin Kung

Spotlight on: Minjin Kung


How did your years at Art & Design HS inspire your creativity?

How can I sum up in few words, how A&D inspired me? Though it was only three years in high school, A&D had a big affect on my life. I met a lot of good teachers and mentors that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. The foundation of the A&D curriculum was wide and broad, which helped me in running and teaching at my studio and workshop for many years. When I think of my two favorite teachers Mr. Ginsburg and Mr. Greenberg, I am reminded that it is never too late to start painting again. I’m very thankful to A&D for starting me on my lifelong journey in the arts.

The Photo News


'New environments, old masterpieces'

Local painter Minjin Kung featured at Monroe Free Library during October

Published Sep 28, 2015 at 7:43 pm (Updated Sep 28, 2015)

- See more at: http://www.thephoto-news.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20150928/ENTERTAINMENT/150929955/%27New-environments-old-masterpieces%27

My statement of 'Extension of Consciousness'

Extension of consciousness and subconscious is to exist outside the realm of my physical mind, be it through dream, meditation, spirit, or faith. My religion helps me believe. My subconscious mind, through my dreams and meditation, evokes images of Light and Dark. They coexist like Yin & Yang, a necessary duality, but I choose light over darkness.  Light is life, energy and spirit, and until the darkness of death I choose to live in the light. In the Bible, Light and Salt are meant to prevail in the world. I see Light as my spirit and Salt as my God given talentIf salt loses its taste, it is no good to world; if I don't use my art as it is meant to shine, it will become useless.  My work brings this light to the canvas so that others may see and be enlightened.

This is my faith This is my fate.