Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art


The River as Metaphor / Hudson Valley Artists 2017

Curated by Livia Straus

June 10 – July 30, 2017
Alice and Horace Chandler and North Galleries

Undercurrents: The River as Metaphor / Hudson Valley Artists 2017 will exhibit works that address modernity by reflecting on the Hudson River: its history, its grandeur, and its singular ability to provide us with a roadmap for meeting the challenges we face in the course of everyday life. The exhibition poses questions intended to document this work in our own time: What are the perspectives of contemporary artists living along the Hudson River, and how are they reflected in their art? Can we look to the history of the Hudson Valley to anchor our moral fiber? How can the river and the artists it inspires guide us through the ongoing process of adjusting to new norms and realities?

The exhibition was curated by Livia Straus, director and co-founder of the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art (HVCCA) in Peekskill, N.Y., a non-profit organization dedicated to developing exhibitions and interdisciplinary programs that enrich our understanding of contemporary art and its relationship to social issues. 


Participating Artists:

Fern T. Apfel, Andrew Barthelmes, Arlene Becker, Don Bruschi, Peter Bynum, Laura Cannamela, Tobe Carey, Larry W. Chapman, Dick Crenson, Carlo D’Anselmi, Shelley Davis, William Durkin, Richard Edelman, Susan English, Kari Feuer, Jenny Lee Fowler, Matthew Friday, Steve Gentile, Mark Gibian, Carla Goldberg, Theresa Gooby, Sarah Heitmeyer, Keith Hoyt, Ellen Kozak, Minjin Kung, Polly M. Law, Harry Leigh, Iain Machell, Annie-hannah Mancini, Barbara Masterson, Mike McGregor, Antonella Piemontese, Camilo Rojas, Margaret Saliske, Suzy Sureck, James A. Thomson, Susan Togut, Michael Washburn, Dan Wolf, Brian Wolfe, and Xuewu Zheng.