My statement of 'Extension of Consciousness'

Extension of consciousness and subconscious is to exist outside the realm of my physical mind, be it through dream, meditation, spirit, or faith. My religion helps me believe. My subconscious mind, through my dreams and meditation, evokes images of Light and Dark. They coexist like Yin & Yang, a necessary duality, but I choose light over darkness.  Light is life, energy and spirit, and until the darkness of death I choose to live in the light. In the Bible, Light and Salt are meant to prevail in the world. I see Light as my spirit and Salt as my God given talentIf salt loses its taste, it is no good to world; if I don't use my art as it is meant to shine, it will become useless.  My work brings this light to the canvas so that others may see and be enlightened.

This is my faith This is my fate.